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Here we have "Jezebel's Arm", the lead single off our newest album DIGESTING MIRROR, AVAILABLE NOW!

Do you like your social commentary mixed with a bit of satire and encased meats? Sure you do. “Jezebel’s Arm” takes a surreal look at our strange relationship with media. SPOILER ALERT!: Just when the current preponderance of bad news is about to lull you into a paralyzing state of boredom and general unease, mass consumerism swoops in to save the day! Who needs troubles when you’ve got While U Wear It™ stain spray, right? Well, am I right?!! Yeah, I’m talking to you. I see you sittin’ there watching what is essentially a commercial that some band made for their cute little song. Man, everybody’s selling something these days!…Actually, after watching this video I’m just confused. I mean seriously, what is this crap?

”Mandatory Days” from our newest album, DIGESTING MIRROR. The Patriarchy has never looked sexier! Nor strawberries so delectable. “My love is undivided when everything else is undecided. Oh no, oh no, oh no”.

QWW's first music video, for track 13 off their 1998 release Jalopy. Shot by Matt, Jordan and friends Russ Merkow, Winston Stromberg, and Craig Silverstein while attending film school in Michigan. They blew off other classes to make this and nearly failed out, so we hope you're happy. We think the video still holds up really well and it's fun to compare to our new video for “Jezebel's Arm” so you can understand the devastating effects of aging on the human body and mind. Please enjoy!

What other band's website can you watch a full movie on?  That's right, here's one of the greatest films ever produced, "The General" by Buster Keaton.  This amazing silent film is so good that even our original score can't ruin it.  We recorded it live with few overdubs, so it's got an energy that we hope matches the film's amazing stunts and humor.  Give it a watch!  The worst thing that could happen is you have to turn off the sound - it's that good a film!

Our live submission for NPR's delightul 2016 Tiny Desk series. A little inside look at our secretive and extremely spacious Coupon Studios where, among other things, we like to keep our tiny desk and a fully stocked taco bar.

And here's a YouTube playlist that shows what it looks like when hot studs shake their money-makers for a living (hahahhaha, just kidding, we don't actually make any money.) Visit our YouTube channel for more video goodness!